By Sahajveer Baweja

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Introduction: Risk Assessment Tools (RAT); what is it about?

Risk Assessment Instruments (RAI) or Risk Assessment tools are a class of tools used in the criminal justice system based on the concept of data analysis. Currently, these tools are used mostly in taking judicial decisions and are preferred at the stage of determining punishments, convictions, and bails. The purpose of these tools is to identify the recidivism score of a defendant who…

By Anshuman Jaiswal and Aviral Shyam

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· Background
· The New Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018
· The Right to be Forgotten
· The New WhatsApp Privacy Policy
· The Way Forward


The 21st century has witnessed such an explosive rise in the number of ways in which we use information…

By Jahnobi Khanna


The Coronavirus crept in, in stealth. The Globalized 21st century seemed to be robbed of its freedom as each and every nation locked its doors to outsiders. This prompts one to think of those who had no doors to close in the…

By Trisha Shreyashi

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Online Dispute Resolution (“ODR”) is an amalgamation of an online medium coupled with Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”), to resolve conflicts arising between…

By Prerna Mayea

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By Vedant Saxena

By Soubhratra Bhattacharjee

· Introduction
Reasons for Growth in the Betting Industry:-
Gambling: From a Legal Viewpoint
Role of the Judiciary

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The Gambling Industry has been one of the most profitable industries in the last decade. There has been a constant increase in the number of people associated with gambling in…

By Khushi Agarwal

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Roman satirist and poet Juvenal in the first century AD had raised an important question, ‘quis custodiet ipsos custodes’ or

By Soma Singh

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The announcement made by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for the extension of moratorium on loans till 31st August, came out as a significant relief to borrowers and companies facing major cash flow problems in the time of the pandemic. The earlier moratorium ended on 31st May 2020, which was then extended for a period of three months to facilitate and provide some relief in the time of crisis. The period of…

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By Sanyukta Biswas

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Back in the 1980s, during the good-old-Doordarshan days, TV brought families together. Laptops, smartphones and digital satellite televisions which allow each member of the family the luxury of enjoying a program of their own choice, was not only unheard of…

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