Call for Orators

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We are currently hosting our articles on 11 Platforms. Click on the Image below.

We are inviting students who wish to enhance, and reflect in their CV, their oratory and narration skills. We are offering students an opportunity to understand how their audio is prepared for a Podcast hosted on 11 platforms.

This is not an Internship, but a permanent commission to the post. The minimum work duration is 3 months.

We are also allowing people who are interested in narrating only one piece. They shall not be commissioned permanently, but will only be allowed to narrate the article they have selected. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can apply for this. Interested narrators can fill this form. Such narrators can directly upload the audio by following the instructions. They shall be awarded a certificate for the same.


We publish at least one blog each day. For some stories, the authors themselves send audio recordings, for others, they do not. It is for the latter stories, we need our orators. We shall not publish an episode on all of our stories, but only on few trending ones.

Working hours are flexible, atleast 3 articles need to be narrated a month.

Due credits are given to the narrators under each episode they work on. Our previous episodes are available here.

The orators need to read the allotted article following the guidelines provided. Each article can range from 1000 words to 2000 words.

Exhaustive working guidelines shall be shared.


Good Oratory Skills; Good voice modulation; A silent room to record;

Perks :

  1. Speaking Experience
    2. Certificate of Experience
    3. Certificate of Merit for the best performing orators.


Applicants need to read the following passage and upload the recording in the Google Form below.
Applicants are recommended to use Dolby-on application and record directly through it. Do not use earphones, do not use regular microphone app. Use your phone’s built in mic. Use Dolby-on. Click here to download.


Protectors of the Indian Culture

The world before her’ is a documentary film showing two extreme kinds of cultures for women — one, found in a camp of Durga Vahini and the other in a beauty pageant contest of Miss India. The movie begins with Prachi Trivedi — a young, 20-year old trainer at the Durga Vahini teaching camp who has been attending the camp since the age of three. She has become a trainer in the camp now. There are snippets in the film, where Prachi confesses that she enjoys the commands, hates the “typical girls” and the selfless service she is providing to the Durga Vahini.

Durga Vahini is affiliated to the Bajrang Dal, an organization consisting of women who are committed to protecting the national culture and religion by bringing a renaissance in the Society. The film-makers were given the opportunity to shoot the ‘Durgas-in-making’ in one of their camps, while interviewing some girls alongside Prachi. The training in the Durga Vahini camps is not just learning physical combat, but also provocative lectures against Western culture, increasing Muslim-Christian penetration into Hindu community and the limited nurturing role of women in the Society



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